What To Know About Car Accident Reports In New York City

High-traffic areas have a higher incidence of automobile accidents. Obviously, the greater the number of vehicles on the road, the greater the likelihood of an accident.

When To Report a Car Accident in New York City

State of New York law requires you to report a collision if it results in:

  • Injury, death, or property damage estimates of at least $1,000

You must also file a report if an accident causes the death of a domestic animal. Additionally, you must take all necessary steps to identify the animal’s owner.

If you have any doubt about whether you should report an accident, don’t make the mistake of not doing so. Always err on the side of caution and promptly report any accidents.

In the immediate aftermath of an accident, you can simply dial 911 to report it. A dispatcher will dispatch an officer from the corresponding precinct to the location.

Do not allow another driver involved in the collision to convince you to “work it out” with them rather than calling the police. If they have a reason to not want the police on the scene, drivers may attempt to persuade others not to call 911. For instance, an intoxicated driver may attempt to convince you not to report the accident.

Do not permit this. Exchange your names and contact information in a calm manner, then call the police immediately.

How Long Do I Have To File a Report After a New York, NY Car Accident?

If your accident meets any of the previously outlined criteria, you must report it within 10 days. In addition, you must fill out a Report of Motor Vehicle Accident form. Failure to comply may result in licence suspension or comparable penalties.

However, it is always best to report an accident immediately after it occurs. The only exception would be if your injuries are so severe that they prevent you from immediately reporting an accident.

You must respond truthfully to the police officer’s questions when they arrive at the scene. As you wait for their arrival, document the scene with photographs. Take pictures of any signs of injury as well. Obtaining the names and contact information of any witnesses at the scene is also prudent.

In addition to answering the officer’s questions, you will also be required to provide various pieces of information on the Report of Motor Vehicle Accident form.

They include the following, but are not limited to:

  • Your name and licence number are required.
  • The site of the collision
  • An account of the incident

The form will feature multiple illustrations of common accident types. You will circle the accident type that most closely resembles the one in which you were involved.

Why Police Reports Matter

You may be required by law to report an accident to the police. This is perhaps the most crucial reason for doing so. However, filing a report can increase your chances of recovering compensation when filing an insurance claim in the future.

After the police officer no longer requires your presence at the scene, it is crucial that you seek immediate medical attention. See a doctor even if you don’t believe you’ve been injured. It is possible for the initial symptoms of an injury to manifest days or even weeks after an accident. You will have a greater chance of convincing an insurer that your injuries were caused by a car accident if you seek treatment immediately after the incident.

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