What Happens If My Uber Is In An Accident In New York?

In New York, Uber and other ridesharing services are popular. As an alternative to other forms of public transportation, ridesharing services such as Uber provide economical and convenient transportation. However, what occurs if your Uber in New York City crashes?

Does Insurance Cover an Accident Involving an Uber Driver?

Yes, but it can be complicated. Most auto insurance policies do not cover accidents that occur when a vehicle is used to transport paying passengers. Because the policy excludes commercial use, the Uber driver’s insurance company could deny liability for the accident.

Fortunately, Uber and other ridesharing companies provide drivers with limited insurance coverage. The insurance coverage is contingent on the status of the driver at the time of the accident.

For instance, when a driver is waiting for a ride request, Uber’s insurance coverage for bodily injury to one person is limited to $50,000 ($100,000 per accident). However, the policy limit for third-party liability increases to $1 million when the driver is en route to pick up a passenger and when the passenger is in the rideshare vehicle.

Who Is Responsible for Damages After an Uber Crash in New York?

Who is liable for damages following an Uber accident in New York depends on who caused the collision. If the Uber driver was responsible for the collision, you should be able to file a claim against them.

Common Uber accident causes include:

  • Acceleration and careless driving
  • Inattentional driving
  • Impaired driving due to alcohol or drugs
  • Following too closely and aggressive driving
  • Contravention of traffic laws
  • Drowsy driving
  • Defects and malfunctions in vehicles
  • Road dangers and flaws

If another driver caused the collision, you would file a claim against that driver. A pedestrian or cyclist could also play a role in causing an Uber accident. In some instances, the government, a trucking company, or a vehicle manufacturer may share responsibility for an Uber accident.

A New York Uber accident lawyer can help you identify the party responsible for your injuries and damages after a rideshare accident. The attorney investigates the accident’s cause and collects evidence to establish liability and causation.

What Damages Could I Receive for a Rideshare Accident?

If an Uber driver is responsible for your injuries, you may be entitled to compensation for economic damages or financial losses. You may also be entitled to compensation for non-economic losses. In a few instances, punitive damages may be awarded if the driver exhibited extreme negligence.

Examples of damages in a case involving an Uber accident include:

  • including physical discomfort, emotional distress, and psychological trauma
  • Loss of income, including benefits, future lost wages, and future earning capacity reductions
  • Past and projected expenditures for medical care, nursing care, therapies, and personal care
  • Loss of life enjoyment and decline in life quality
  • Individual expenses
  • Embarrassment and scarring
  • Permanent handicaps and impairments

The worth of your Uber accident claim is determined by the specifics of your case. By protecting your rights after a ridesharing accident, you can increase your chances of recovering a fair settlement amount.

Steps to Take After an Uber Accident in New York

After an Uber accident, you should take the following steps to protect your legal rights:

  • Ensure that the police are notified of the accident.
  • Call 911 yourself if the other drivers refuse to report the collision.
  • Report the collision to Uber.
  • The majority of ridesharing applications include a way to report accidents, injuries, and issues to the company.
  • Collect evidence from the crash site, including photographs, videos, and witness statements, by taking photographs and videos and interviewing witnesses.
  • Seek immediate medical attention for your injuries and adhere to the treatment plan prescribed by your physician.
  • Gather documentation, including saving the Uber app data and requesting a copy of the accident report.
  • Take photographs of your injuries, keep detailed notes about your recovery, and make copies of all documents pertaining to the accident, your injuries, and your financial losses to document your damages.

Additionally, it is beneficial to seek legal counsel as soon as possible. Personal injury claims involving ridesharing companies can be complicated. The ridesharing company and its insurance company may contest your claim to avoid paying you a fair amount for your damages.

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