What Happens If I Slip And Fall At A City Park In Nyc?

People in contemporary society are constantly on the move, moving from one location to another. Accidents involving slips and falls can occur anywhere. What happens if you slip and fall and sustain injuries? If someone else is at fault, you can seek compensation from the party responsible for the injury.

Slip and Fall Cases in General

Slip-and-fall cases are a form of premises liability litigation. In New York, in order to receive compensation for an injury caused by a hazard on a property, you must demonstrate that the owner of the property was negligent in dealing with the hazard.

Therefore, if you were injured in a New York City park, you must demonstrate that the government was aware of the park’s unsafe condition but failed to fix it or warn the public. In addition, you must demonstrate that the park’s negligence caused your injury.

If you were hurt in a slip-and-fall accident, you should seek immediate medical attention. Then, inform the property owner as soon as possible. Depending on the negligent party, you may have a limited amount of time to file a lawsuit. It is prudent to contact an experienced New York City personal injury attorney to discuss your options.

Statute of Limitations for New York Personal Injury Cases

In New York, the statute of limitations for suing a private property owner for compensation following a slip-and-fall accident is three years. If you do not comply with this deadline, you may lose the right to compensation. Understanding the deadlines applicable to your case is essential. A skilled attorney will ensure that your lawsuit is filed well before any deadlines.

When the Slip and Fall Accident Claim Is With New York City

If your injury was caused by the New York City government, you must first file a notice of claim for a wrongful action or inaction with the City. You must file this claim notice before filing a lawsuit in state court. The Office of the Comptroller will then investigate and assess the claim.

The notice of claim must be submitted within ninety days from the date of the accident. The City will investigate the claim thereafter. You may be required to provide all pertinent evidence to support your claim. You may even be required to testify at a hearing. You will need an experienced attorney to represent you and assist you in achieving the best possible result.

The Comptroller’s Office may make an offer to settle your claim if the City determines it is responsible for your injury. In exchange for the settlement payment, if you accept the settlement offer, you will sign a release in which you agree not to pursue your claim against the City.

You must file a claim notice with the Comptroller’s Office, but you are not required to pursue a settlement through their claims process. Once thirty days have passed since the filing of your claim notice and you have complied with any hearing demand, you may file a lawsuit in court. Within one year and ninety days of the date of the slip-and-fall incident, the lawsuit must be filed in court.

Call an NYC Personal Injury Lawyer To Discuss Your Slip and Fall at a City Park 

If you were injured in a slip-and-fall accident in a New York City park, you should immediately contact an experienced personal injury attorney. They will have experience obtaining compensation from a government entity and will be able to provide you with advice and, if necessary, represent you.

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