What Do I Need To Wear To Court?

Regardless of your role in a personal injury case, the attire you wear to court is crucial. The jury’s initial impression of you can either help or hinder your case. While we would like to believe that evidence always prevails, it is difficult for jurors to completely disregard their initial impressions of a party or witness.

What Not to Wear to Court?

It can be useful to review the types of attire that are typically unacceptable in courtrooms.

When attending court, you must avoid wearing the following:

  • Shorts and miniskirts are prevalent.
  • T-shirts
  • Clothing with references to alcohol, drugs, criminal activity, sex, or other content that could be deemed offensive by some individuals.
  • Shirts without sleeves or with thin straps
  • Garments that are too snug or too revealing
  • Unless they are in good condition and the only pants you own, jeans should be avoided.
  • Any type of hats
  • Any garment that reveals the abdomen or the back, including crop tops
  • Strapless tops and dresses
  • Anything you would wear to a nightclub, to the gym, or to a theme park
  • Hoodie, yoga pants, athletic shorts, and sweatpants

You must carefully consider your choice of footwear. Avoid wearing flip-flops, sandals, high heels, open-toed shoes, and athletic shoes.

Additionally, it is prudent to avoid wearing large pieces of jewellery, unnatural hair colours, unusual haircuts, and piercings. Additionally, it may be prudent to conceal tattoos, especially if they are offensive to some people.

Pay attention to your general cleanliness. For court, your hair should be neat and clean. Avoid wearing fragrances and scented lotions. Nails should be clean and neat, and excessively long or brightly coloured nails should be avoided.

What Should I Wear to Court?

In court, attorneys typically wear suits. You are not required to buy a suit if you do not already own one. However, you would benefit from wearing conservative attire.

Conservative attire is typically described as business casual, church attire, or attire appropriate for work. The clothing should not be excessively tight or loose.

Examples of men’s conservative attire include:

  • Suits and ties
  • Khaki or dress pants
  • Sleeveless dress shirt
  • Shirts sporting collars
  • Formal shoes

These are examples of conservative womenswear:

  • Business suit
  • Conservative attire
  • shirt with collar and skirt
  • Long pants and a traditional top
  • Formal shoes

Consult your personal injury attorney if you have questions or concerns about what to wear to court. The majority of people do not need to purchase court-appropriate attire because they already own an outfit that is suitable. Your attorney can assist you in selecting attire that makes a favourable impression on the jury.

How Could Your Attire Impact Your Personal Injury Case?

You were involved in an accident that resulted in severe injuries. You sustained monetary losses, emotional distress, and additional damages. The only thing the jury should consider are the facts that demonstrate the other party caused your injuries.

However, jurors are humans. Everyone has preconceived notions of others based on their attire or physical appearance. Jurors must make a concerted effort to block out these impressions and focus solely on the facts, but impressions can and do influence court decisions.

Parties and witnesses frequently provide contradictory accounts of what transpired to jurors. Jurors must determine which party is telling the truth. You should never let your attire or appearance detract jurors from hearing your explanation of what occurred.

You want the jury to take your testimony seriously and believe you are telling the truth. Clothing that is conservative is the best option. A juror may subconsciously associate someone dressed conservatively with honesty.

Trials by jury are unpredictable. Until the jury reaches a verdict, it is impossible to know with certainty what the jurors deem significant. Additionally, you do not know whether a juror has any preconceived notions that could work for or against you.

By wearing conservative attire, you eliminate one factor that could harm your case. You do not want to overdress, as some jurors may also view this negatively. Simple, conservative attire leaves the jury with little to consider other than your testimony.

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