Secrets & Strategies Of Geico Claims Adjusters: Uncovered

If you have seen any advertisements in the past ten years, you are likely familiar with GEICO’s extensive advertising campaigns. They have one of the largest advertising budgets of any company in the United States. Government Employees Insurance Company is the second-largest auto insurance provider in the United States at the present time.

Secret #1 – Do NOT Provide a Recorded Statement

Many large insurance companies will request a statement from you regarding your automobile accident. GEICO is one of these companies. You must understand that you are NOT required by law to provide GEICO with a recorded statement (or any other insurance provider).

In fact, the majority of attorneys will strongly advise against providing an insurance company with a recorded statement. This is because the company may attempt to discredit your claim and reduce your compensation using the recorded statement during the settlement process.

As a simple social courtesy, you might tell the GEICO adjuster that you are feeling “fine” without thinking. The company may replay your innocent remark in the future to argue that your accident or injuries do not warrant monetary compensation.

Secret #2 – Be Very Careful When Speaking with Adjusters

Use extreme caution when communicating with adjusters or other GEICO representatives. As stated previously, they can use even an innocent or irrelevant remark to undermine your argument. If a GEICO policyholder was involved in the collision, they will likely contact you shortly after the incident and ask you a variety of questions.

If you do not have legal counsel, you should provide them with only the most basic contact information. Never provide more information than is required.

The following are examples of potential questions an adjuster may ask you. Never discuss the following topics with a GEICO representative:

  • What you were doing prior to the accident is relevant.
  • How exactly the accident occurred
  • Your medical data, including your diagnosis, treatments, and medications
  • Your accident-related medical expenses and other costs
  • How your accident and injuries have impacted your everyday life

Adjusters from GEICO who inquire about these topics may use your responses to minimise your financial recovery. A personal injury attorney can help you communicate effectively with large insurance companies such as GEICO. This will increase your likelihood of receiving maximum reimbursement.

Secret #3 – Your Medical Expenses Don’t Always Matter

It seems reasonable that GEICO would provide compensation based on the cost of your medical care and treatments when you file a claim. Occasionally, however, they determine your payout based on ” usual and customary charges ”

In such situations, GEICO contracts with medical professionals to evaluate your medical expenses and determine whether they are “usual and customary.” Unsurprisingly, they frequently assert that “usual and customary” medical costs are significantly lower than the actual bills submitted by claimants.

This is a profoundly unfair practise that leaves injured motorists with debts and inadequate financial compensation. GEICO should not determine the cost-effectiveness of your medical care. In addition, victims should not be required to avoid necessary medical care out of fear that it will not be covered.

The right personal injury attorney can assist you in battling GEICO’s secret strategies and obtaining the compensation you are owed.

Secret #4 – You May Be Underestimating Your Claim

Without the appropriate legal experience, claimants frequently undervalue their injuries. Numerous individuals submit a claim to GEICO for the total amount of their medical and vehicle repair expenses.

Accurately assessing the damages caused by a car accident is difficult and requires the necessary legal expertise. In addition to your medical expenses and auto repair bills, you must determine the value of the following:

  • Future Medical Costs – Your injuries do not magically heal once your personal injury claim has been settled.
  • You may not know exactly how long it will take for you to recover completely.
  • After an accident, many victims continue to require treatment for months or years.
  • A personal injury attorney can assist you in calculating probable future medical expenses and meeting all applicable deadlines for legal action.
  • Lost Earnings and Wages –
  • Injuries sustained in auto accidents frequently prevent victims from returning to their regular jobs.
  • Those losses are relevant to your claim if your injuries prevent you from earning the same amount of money as before the accident.
  • Some individuals are unable to work for months or years, resulting in a permanent loss of earning potential.
  • Although you may not initially recognise it, lost income can be one of the most significant consequences of a car accident injury.
  • Non-economic damages –
  • A personal injury can affect your life in numerous ways.
  • Some of these effects are difficult to quantify monetarily.
  • How much should you be compensated, for instance, if your injury prevents you from engaging in activities you once enjoyed, such as biking, swimming, or running with your dog?
  • A savvy attorney can assist you in calculating the value of your non-economic damages, such as pain and suffering, emotional trauma, and diminished quality of life.

Huge insurance companies like GEICO anticipate that you will undervalue your claim. They may attempt to use your lack of knowledge regarding the claims process to offer you an inadequate settlement. If you’ve been involved in a car accident with a GEICO policyholder, contact an experienced personal injury attorney who can represent your interests.

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