Is Lane Splitting Legal In New York?

Motorcycle riding always involves risks. Other motorists are protected within their vehicles by steel frames. Motorcycle riders do not. Their likelihood of suffering serious or fatal injuries in an accident is significantly higher than that of other motorists and passengers.

What is Lane Splitting?

Motorcycles are considerably smaller than other road vehicles. Therefore, motorcycles are more manoeuvrable than other vehicles around and between cars and trucks.

Occasionally, motorcyclists disregard the road’s lanes and ride in the spaces between vehicles. This is a common occurrence when traffic is moving slowly. This enables them to move in front of stationary vehicles.

It is important to note that lane splitting is not restricted to motorcycle riders. Additionally, cyclists and motor scooter riders may lane split. This is a common occurrence in New York City, where large numbers of cyclists and motorists share the road.

New York’s Lane Splitting Laws

Many states currently prohibit lane splitting. New York City is among them.

A few years ago, California enacted a law permitting lane splitting to prevent traffic congestion. However, the NYPD is adamant that such a law should not be passed in New York City.

There are numerous reasons why lane splitting is risky. These consist of the following:

Motorcycles and bicycles are, once again, smaller than other vehicles. This can make them harder to detect. If a driver cannot see a lane-splitting rider when changing lanes in congested traffic, the rider may become trapped between two vehicles.

According to research, lane splitting can result in road rage. When people are stuck in slow-moving traffic, it can irritate them to see others pass them by engaging in unsafe and illegal driving behaviours. A driver may lose their temper and engage in road rage if a motorcycle rider splits lanes.

Additionally, lane splitting is dangerous because it can result in an accident. A driver adjusting a mirror, opening a door, or tossing an item out the window can endanger a rider who is lane-splitting.

How Lane Splitting Could Affect Compensation After an Accident

Imagine you are involved in a motorcycle collision in New York. Generally, you can seek compensation for your financial losses by filing a personal injury claim against the party whose negligence caused the accident. New York, however, has a contributory negligence law.

If you contributed to the accident, your compensation will be reduced by these rules. If you were involved in an accident while lane splitting, your insurer could assert that you were at fault and deny your claim. Alternately, they may allege that you contributed to the accident and offer you a reduced amount of compensation.

Therefore, lane splitting should be avoided when riding a motorcycle in New York City. It can protect your health and preserve your right to file an accident-related injury claim.

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