Is Chiropractic Care Enough For My Car Accident Injuries?

For so many satisfied patients, the benefits of chiropractic care are clear. According to the American Chiropractic Association, chiropractors treat approximately 35 million Americans annually, including a significant portion of the one-quarter of Americans who seek treatment for neck and back pain.

When is Chiropractic Care Appropriate for Car Accident Injuries?

Chiropractic care may be beneficial as part of a comprehensive treatment plan. It can facilitate a full physical recovery for accident victims who sustain soft tissue injuries, such as whiplash and neck and back injuries, among others.

However, chiropractic treatment is not appropriate for all common auto accident injuries. Specific medical tests are required to diagnose certain conditions, which chiropractors do not perform.

Other injuries require treatment that a chiropractor cannot provide. In the following conditions, chiropractic care is likely insufficient to promote recovery.

Some serious car accident injuries are internal, despite the common perception that they are external. Internal injuries, such as fractured vertebrae or herniated discs, can only be diagnosed using imaging technology. They may need surgical interventions outside the scope of chiropractic care.

If you experience unexplained pain after a car accident, you should always consult a primary care physician. Consult with your primary care physician to determine if chiropractic care is safe and appropriate for you.

The majority of the time, safety belts restrain our bodies during car accidents. However, the head of the driver or passenger is likely to sustain damage. The impact of a head against a steering wheel, dashboard, or window can cause brain injuries.

Traumatic brain injuries are caused by violent blows to the head and neck, regardless of whether the head strikes another surface. If you experience any of the following symptoms, you may require care outside of a chiropractic clinic:

  • Loss of consciousness lasting from a few seconds to several minutes.
  • Feeling confused, disoriented, or dazed
  • Headache
  • sickness or vomiting
  • Fatigue or drowsiness, excessive sleep or difficulty sleeping.
  • Vertigo or loss of equilibrium

In addition, speech issues such as slurred or garbled speech (sometimes referred to as “word salad”) may indicate a more severe traumatic brain injury.

In addition to the symptoms listed above, more severe traumatic brain injuries may manifest with other, more aggressive symptoms within hours or days of the impact. Early signs of moderate to severe head trauma include:

  • Persistent headache or a worsening headache
  • Weakness or numbness of the hands and feet
  • recurrent vomiting and nausea
  • Convulsions or seizures
  • Pupil dilation in one or both eyes
  • Clear discharge from the nose and ears

A person with a severe traumatic brain injury may exhibit atypical behaviour; profound confusion, agitation, and hostility are indicators of a severe injury. Any individual who cannot wake up from sleep or falls into a coma requires immediate emergency medical care.

Spinal cord injuries are another type of injury for which chiropractic care is insufficient. Serious spinal cord injuries must be stabilised immediately and continuously. In order to prevent long-term damage, victims of spinal cord injuries may be closely monitored in a hospital setting.

A trained brain specialist, such as a neurologist, should assess even relatively minor injuries or nerve damage. Symptoms of nerve damage frequently include a total or partial loss of sensation. It may also involve total or complete paralysis.

Chiropractic Care is Not Always Enough

Following a car accident, chiropractic care is not always sufficient to support a full physical recovery. Ensure that you see a primary care physician and any necessary specialists to treat your condition for the best medical and legal recovery prospects.

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