How To Get Surveillance Camera Footage Of Your Auto Accident In New York?

New York is a fault state for automobile collisions. Drivers are required to purchase a minimum amount of auto liability insurance. Before they can recover compensation for an insurance or personal injury claim, victims of car accidents must provide proof that the other driver caused the collision.

What Types of Cameras Might Capture Your Car Accident?

Traffic cameras and red light cameras may have captured the car accident on film. However, there may be an issue with the video, or the collision may not be captured from the correct angle. In some instances, the video from the traffic camera may not capture the seconds preceding the collision that demonstrate the other driver’s fault.

However, other cameras in the area may have captured your car accident, including:

  • Private cameras used by tourists or locals to record various events, including your crash.
  • Private traffic cameras installed by news organisations and media outlets in order to monitor traffic, weather, and road conditions.
  • Cameras installed on vehicles, such as city buses and government vehicles, provide surveillance footage.
  • Hotels, restaurants, retail stores, gas stations, convenience stores, and entertainment venues are equipped with security cameras.

Most people assume that traffic cameras capture everything that occurs on New York streets. This is not always the case, however. The footage captured by speed cameras, traffic cameras, and red light cameras is limited. They are also limited in the angles they show.

Consequently, the best evidence that you were not responsible for causing your car accident may be a surveillance camera’s footage. Locating these cameras and acquiring the footage can be time-consuming and challenging.

If you want to obtain a surveillance video of a car accident, you must act quickly. Some corporations and individuals may archive the videos. Others may record over or delete old footage.

Time is one of the greatest obstacles to obtaining surveillance video. You must search the neighbourhood for surveillance cameras. There may be a need to knock on numerous doors and speak with hundreds of individuals and businesses.

Suppose you discover a business or person with a surveillance camera that would have captured the collision. In this case, the next obstacle to overcome is convincing the individual or organisation to provide you with a copy of the video.

Do I Have a Legal Right to the Video of My Car Accident?

Private individuals and businesses are not required by law to provide you with video footage of your car accident. There is no assurance that your auto accident attorney will be able to convince them to provide a copy of the video footage.

You could increase the likelihood of obtaining surveillance footage by informing the investigating police officers that you have identified one or more businesses with surveillance cameras. A police officer may increase the businesses’ willingness to cooperate.

If the party refuses to provide you with a copy of the video, filing a lawsuit may be your only option. By filing a lawsuit, you can ask the court to order the opposing party to produce evidence. However, because obtaining a court order could take months, it may be preferable to negotiate an agreement with the party in possession of the video.

A seasoned attorney will be familiar with the various negotiation strategies and techniques that could assist in retrieving the surveillance tape of your car accident.

How Can Video Footage from a Surveillance Camera Help in a Car Accident Case?

If the other driver’s account of the events leading up to the car accident differs from your own, having a video of the collision can help settle the dispute. At the time of the collision, the video may reveal that the other driver was speeding, ran a stop sign, or was texting. Video evidence does not lie. It does not alter the truth in order to avoid liability.

Having a video of your car accident could increase the chance that the insurance company will settle the claim for the total value of your damages. It can also reduce the time it takes to settle a car accident claim and avoid going to court.

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