How To Approach A Free Consultation With A New York City Attorney

If you were injured in a car accident, on the job, or by the neighbor’s dog, you may be contemplating filing a lawsuit to recover damages and have your medical expenses covered.

What Can I Expect from My Lawyer Consultation?

Consider the consultation as an interview in which you get to know the attorney and they assess the strength of your case.

The majority of consultations last between 30 and 60 minutes. Since time is limited, it is helpful to have as much information as possible written down.

You’ll be asked for information including:

  • How did you get hurt?
  • What are your medical expenses?
  • What damages did you sustain to your property or vehicle?
  • Who do you believe was at fault for the incident?

Even if you don’t believe you have a case, you should always have a legal professional examine the facts. After learning about the accident’s circumstances, the attorney will determine whether or not you have a strong case.

If you have supporting evidence for your case, please bring it as well. This could be a police report or an incident report if you were injured at a business, such as a slip-and-fall.

Be as forthright as possible regarding the incident, including whether you were under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Your attorney cannot assist you without all the facts. Remembering that everything discussed between you and your attorney is confidential may boost your confidence.

What Questions Should I Ask During My Attorney Consultation?

People frequently ask two questions: “How much will it cost?” and “Have I a case?”

Many New York City personal injury attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, which means they deduct their fees from any settlement or court award you receive. If your attorney works on a contingency basis, you do not pay for their services unless you prevail in court.

Other questions to ask during a free consultation with a personal injury attorney include:

  • What kinds of cases do you typically handle?
  • What types of personal injury law do you practise?
  • Will I be working alone or with a group?
  • What is my case’s value?
  • How long will it be before my case is resolved?

Many personal injury attorneys specialise in a few areas, whereas others only handle auto accidents. Ensure that your attorney has experience with your type of injury and circumstances, as laws governing damages can vary depending on how and where the injury occurred.

Many larger law firms have client-facing teams that include paralegals. It is essential to understand who will handle your case and respond to your questions or concerns.

Your attorney will determine the value of your damages, which will include the cost of medical care, replacing or repairing any damaged property (such as your car), and recouping lost wages if you were unable to work due to the accident.

Be wary of attorneys who guarantee a large settlement or victory. While your attorney is required to include a dollar amount in the court documents for your lawsuit, this is not a guarantee of what you will actually receive.

Finally, inquire whether the attorney is willing to go to trial if necessary. Typically, the parties will settle out of court and negotiate the amount of damages. However, if you are unable to reach an agreement, the case will be brought before a judge. Ask your attorney about their trial experience.

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