How Much Money Can A Passenger In A Car Accident In New York City Receive?

Passengers in a car accident in NYC can absolutely recover damages for their injuries. You will most likely have to start with insurance claims but can then pursue a lawsuit against the at-fault party if necessary. How much money can be obtained from a car accident? There is technically no limit under New York law.

When You Are Injured as a Passenger in a Car Accident: Insurance Claim Options

If you were injured as a passenger in a car accident in New York City, you can pursue compensation through a variety of insurance channels. Typically you have to start with the insurance companies before you can pursue other options for payment.

As New York is a no-fault auto insurance state, all drivers are required to carry no-fault auto insurance. When an accident occurs, this insurance protects both the drivers and their passengers. Therefore, the first step for an injured passenger is to file a no-fault insurance claim through the driver’s policy. It makes no difference whether their driver was at fault or not.

Keep in mind that insurance policies have maximum payout amounts. Therefore, if there were multiple passengers in a car, all of their expenses would be covered by the same no-fault policy, which could easily run dry before everyone is adequately compensated.

If you have auto insurance, you are covered as a passenger in another person’s vehicle. If you continue to incur expenses after receiving compensation from the at-fault driver’s policy, your own policy may help cover the difference.

Depending on the severity of the accident, if the other driver was responsible for the collision in which you were injured, you could also file a claim against their insurance policy.

After Insurance Claims, You May Want to File a Lawsuit

If you were seriously injured as a passenger in a car accident, it is likely that the insurance benefits you received were insufficient to cover your medical bills. New York law permits you to file a lawsuit against the negligent party in these situations. This party might be:

  • The driver of your automobile
  • Driver of the other vehicle
  • The manufacturer of a defective automobile
  • The employer of the car that caused the injury
  • Truck drivers
  • Trucking businesses
  • Motorcyclists
  • Bus drivers
  • Taxi drivers

You will want to seek compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages due to inability to work, and pain and suffering incurred as a result of the accident. An experienced auto accident attorney will assist in evaluating your case and advising you on potential damages.

How Much Can One Expect to Recover When All is Said and Done? 

If the lawsuit is successful or a pre-trial settlement is reached, the amount a passenger can receive will depend on the nature of the accident and the severity of his or her injuries. A settlement for a car accident may range from several hundred thousand dollars to one million dollars or more.

Depending on the circumstances, the average settlement amount for a child injured in a car accident will also vary. Children can seek additional damages for the trauma they have endured, which can have lifelong consequences. They may also seek compensation for lost potential earnings if the injury prevents them from pursuing certain career paths.

An NYC Car Accident Lawyer Can Advise You

Oftentimes, a passenger in a car accident feels helpless during the accident and when attempting to receive proper compensation for their injuries. An experienced personal injury attorney can assist you in evaluating your options and advancing your case.

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