How Much Does A Lawyer Charge For A New York City Car Accident Case?

The attorney fees for a car accident case depend on a number of variables. Understanding fee structures can assist you in selecting the best personal injury attorney for your case.

Hourly Fees vs. Contingency Fees for Car Accident Cases

When representing auto accident victims, attorneys typically charge an hourly rate or contingency fee. Because it is difficult to determine how much work will be required to resolve a case, attorneys rarely charge flat fees.

Typically, hourly-rate attorneys will require a retainer fee. The retainer fee could range between several hundred and a few thousand dollars.

The attorney charges an hourly rate for their services. Periodically, the attorney generates a bill and deducts payment from the retainer.

Some attorneys may require the client to maintain a minimum retainer fee in the attorney’s trust account. Other attorneys begin billing the client directly upon depletion of the retainer fee.

The majority of personal injury attorneys use contingency fees in auto accident cases. In a contingency fee arrangement, the client does not pay a retainer to hire the attorney.

Instead, the client agrees to pay the attorney a specific percentage of any settlement or verdict won on their behalf.

If you agree to a contingency fee of 30 percent, for instance, the attorneys’ fees will equal 30 percent of your total settlement proceeds. If the attorney recovers $500,000 for you in your car accident case, the attorney’s fees will amount to $150,000. Before you receive the settlement proceeds, the attorney deducts their attorney’s fee.

Why is a Contingency Fee Beneficial for a Client?

A client is not required to pay a retainer or upfront attorney’s fees when contingent fees are used. Consequently, the client can afford to retain an experienced and competent personal injury attorney to handle the car accident claim. As they recover from a car accident, many victims struggle to pay bills and make ends meet. After an accident, a contingency fee grants everyone access to competent legal counsel.

A contingent fee also incentivizes an attorney to pursue the maximum allowable compensation for a claim. The attorney’s fee is directly proportional to the amount recovered in the case. Therefore, attorneys are primarily concerned with recovering as much money as possible for their clients.

The other advantage is that the client is not responsible for attorney’s fees if the attorney is unsuccessful in recovering damages for the accident claim. If the client fails to pay, the attorney is not compensated.

What Factors Influence the Percentage Charged for a Contingency Fee?

How much an attorney may charge as a contingency fee depends on a number of variables. Several of the same variables that affect an attorney’s hourly rate also influence the amount of a contingency fee.

Included among the variables that may affect the cost of hiring a car accident attorney are:

  • The education, experience, skills, and resources of the attorney
  • The difficulty of your automobile accident case
  • The location or region of the law firm
  • The lawyer’s track record and courtroom experience
  • Whether the attorney holds any certifications or specialisations.
  • Case specifics, such as whether catastrophic injuries, a commercial truck, wrongful death, government entities, multiple vehicles, or children’s injuries are involved.

In general, the more experience and skills a car accident attorney has, the more the attorney may charge to handle a case. Additionally, an attorney may charge a higher fee if the case proceeds to trial as opposed to being settled out of court.

Keep in mind that you may have to pay more for an attorney with more experience and resources. However, this may also result in a larger settlement amount for you.

Who Pays the Cost of the Case?

There may be fees associated with filing a claim for personal injury. The case’s costs may include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Copy and mailing expenses
  • mileage and travel expenditures
  • Deposit expenses and fees
  • Court processing fees
  • Honoraria for expert witnesses
  • Costs associated with acquiring documents, such as medical records and auto accident reports.

Before hiring a law firm to handle your car accident case, make sure you discuss the case’s costs with the attorney. Numerous law firms cover the case’s expenses, but are reimbursed from the settlement proceeds. Ask the attorney if you are responsible for these costs if he or she is unsuccessful in recovering money for your claim.

Deadlines for Filing Car Accident Claims in New York

If you believe that you may need an attorney to handle your car accident case, do not delay in contacting an attorney. There are filing deadlines for auto accident claims and litigation.

For the majority of lawsuits involving motor vehicle accidents, the New York Statute of Limitations is three years from the date of the accident. However, if a government entity is involved, you may have only a few months to file a claim, or you may be unable to file a lawsuit at all.

There are exceptions to the deadline requirements. Consult a lawyer as soon as possible after an accident to avoid a problem with the statute of limitations.

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