How Long After An New York City Car Accident Can You Sue?

Suits are subject to time limits. The statute of limitations is the time limit for filing a lawsuit, which can vary by subject and state.

Why is There a Time Limit to File a Case?

There are numerous reasons why statutes of limitation exist.

  • It maintains legal process order
  • It manages defendants’ expectations.
  • It decreases the number of false claims filed

In the first place, they prevent the legal process from becoming chaotic. Without time limits, individuals could pursue compensation many years after the fact.

Second, statutes of limitation provide clear timelines for all parties involved. Otherwise, you could be involved in a car accident while in college and end up in court twenty years later. A time limit contributes to the tranquilly of all parties.

Lastly, statutes of limitation contribute to the reduction of unnecessary or excessive legal action. In each circumstance, it is assumed that legal action will be taken in a timely manner if the outcome warrants it.

Limitations Serve as Protection

Occasionally, the negative effects of a circumstance are not immediately apparent. After a car accident, you may not notice an injury immediately. However, as the adrenaline wears off, you may start to feel the effects.

An example would be back or neck pain. Over time, an injury can impair a person’s ability to perform a particular job, thereby affecting their finances and quality of life.

The courts presume that any injuries sustained in a car accident will manifest within three years.

NYC Car Accidents

The statute of limitations for filing a lawsuit for a car accident varies by state. The average duration is between two and three years.

New York State’s three-year limit places it in the middle of the pack. If you’re considering filing a lawsuit over a car accident, you’re strongly advised not to wait that long.

Don’t Lose Your Chance

It requires time to construct a case. The sooner you consult with an attorney and initiate legal action, the greater your likelihood of success.

Don’t let the lost time frighten you if you’re approaching the end of the three-year limit. If you believe you have a valid case and you are still within the time limit, you should immediately consult with an attorney. It is still possible to prevail in court and obtain compensation.

Deadly Accidents Are Different

If a person perishes in a car accident, the situation changes. The duration of this time limit is shorter for obvious reasons. Unlike a medical condition, which may take time to manifest and impact your life, death occurs instantly.

State of New York law allows two years to build and pursue a wrongful death case.

If you are unsure whether you have a case for wrongful death, you should contact an attorney immediately.

It’s Better to Be Safe than Sorry

Statutes of limitation exist to safeguard all parties involved. However, they can feel punitive if the effects are delayed or if you were unaware that legal action was an option.

Most attorneys provide free consultations. Always schedule a meeting to ensure that you are receiving any compensation to which you are entitled.

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