Facts About Road Rash

Bicyclists, motorcyclists, and other outdoor recreation enthusiasts may sustain a variety of injuries at any given time. Even minor injuries can result in days or weeks in the hospital for motorcyclists and cyclists involved in accidents.

Symptoms of Road Rash

In some respects, road rash resembles a burn. Frequently, the injury is superficial and minor. In severe cases, however, the skin abrasion can extend to the bone and necessitate extensive medical care.

In addition to causing symptoms resembling burns, road rash can include or occur in conjunction with:

  • Broken bones
  • Bruising
  • Nerve damage
  • The presence of foreign objects such as glass or rocks in the affected area.

If you discover foreign objects in the wound, you must consider the possibility of infection and ensure that all foreign objects are removed.

How to Treat Road Rash

The majority of cases of road rash are treated at home, despite the fact that many cases require professional medical treatment. If you intend to treat your road rash on your own, you must wash your hands thoroughly before beginning. Using unwashed hands to clean and treat the affected area could further complicate your case.

After washing one’s hands, one must:

  • Lightly scrub the affected area with soap
  • Remove any debris that has become embedded in your skin.
  • Utilize an antibiotic ointment to prevent infection.
  • Dress the injured area

To prevent infection, be sure to repeat this process frequently and replace the bandage frequently. Seek medical attention immediately if your road rash improves slowly, worsens, or begins to stink.

Tips for Helping Your Case

Not every instance of road rash will necessitate legal action. Nevertheless, if you were injured in a motorcycle or bicycle accident caused by another driver’s negligence, there are a number of steps you should take to increase your chances of success if you decide to pursue compensation.

Contacting a skilled personal injury attorney who specialises in motorcycle and bike accidents should be your top priority. The sooner you do this, the better, as it will give your attorney sufficient time to investigate your case and determine the likelihood of collecting damages.

Additionally, you should remember as much as possible about the accident. Accidental trauma or shock can sometimes make it difficult to recall specifics. It may be beneficial to record what transpired as soon as possible after receiving medical care. You may also interview witnesses to obtain their perspective on the accident.

Lastly, refrain from communicating with the opposing party and their insurance company until your attorney is present. The initial exchange of facts is acceptable, but refrain from providing specifics and never admit fault.

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