Driver Killed After Box Truck Thief Goes On Wild New York City Rampage

A man stole a box truck on June 30 and drove erratically through Brooklyn and Queens. The truck was taken by Roman Pena in the Richmond Hill neighbourhood. On his way from Queens to Brooklyn, Pena collided with another vehicle at the intersection of Rentar Plaza and Metropolitan Avenue.

Destruction and Damages Caused by Stolen Vehicles

Even when all parties are driving legally owned vehicles, determining liability for truck accidents can be difficult. When a stolen vehicle is involved in an accident, questions arise regarding liability for the resulting damages. Will insurance pay for a stolen vehicle?

If you are at fault for the collision, you are responsible for the resulting damages, even if the other vehicle was stolen. However, if the stolen vehicle caused the accident, the thief is responsible for the resulting damages.

In the majority of instances, neither the owner of the stolen vehicle nor the insurance company is liable for the damages. The owner of a stolen vehicle is only liable in extremely limited circumstances, such as when the owner could have reasonably anticipated that the vehicle would be stolen.

An attorney investigates the circumstances that led to the vehicle’s theft in order to determine whether the vehicle’s owner or insurer may be liable for damages. The terms of the insurance policy and the circumstances surrounding the theft must be carefully examined to determine which laws apply.

Filing Claims Against Your Insurance Coverage

Because the thief is responsible, it may be difficult for accident victims to recover compensation or damages. Rarely do thieves have personal assets to pay for damages, nor do they have insurance to cover accidents.

However, accident victims may receive compensation for their damages by filing insurance claims. Depending on the types of vehicle insurance coverage the victim has, he or she may be compensated for certain damages. A lawyer can examine the insurance policy to determine coverage.

Why is it Important to Contact a Car Accident Lawyer?

Cases involving auto accidents involving stolen vehicles are extraordinarily complex. The insurance companies that provide coverage for each vehicle are likely to deny claims based on the stolen status of the vehicle. These denials may not, however, be legal or valid.

To determine who is responsible for the damages and wrongful death caused by a stolen vehicle, one must be familiar with all applicable laws. To compel insurance companies and parties to accept liability for injuries and deaths caused by a stolen vehicle, victims may be required to file lawsuits.

An attorney identifies each insurance policy and the parties who may be liable for the claim. The attorney investigates the applicable laws and applies the facts of the case to determine who may be liable. Claims are filed and settlement demands are made.

If the parties refuse to accept responsibility for the claim, your attorney may file a lawsuit or multiple lawsuits on your behalf. During this time, your attorney can help you identify sources of compensation that may be available to help pay for your medical care and expenses, such as no-fault insurance, uninsured motorist insurance, or health insurance.

You should continue to pursue compensation for an accident caused by a stolen vehicle. However, you need assistance because it may be difficult to obtain the compensation you deserve after being struck by a stolen vehicle.

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