Causes And Symptoms Of Caput Succedaneum

Numerous injuries can affect newborns. Pregnancy is fraught with potential health problems, and childbirth can be traumatic for both mother and child.

Other Causes of Caput Succedaneum

While caput succedaneum is common and often a natural consequence of natural birth, there are certain situations where the attending doctor or medical staff could cause or exacerbate the situation .

These consist of:

  • If the doctor is too slow to perform a caesarean section when he or she should, the patient may suffer complications.
  • If forceps or vacuums are used improperly while attempting to extract the baby from the birth canal, the baby may be injured.
  • If the doctor pulls excessively on the infant’s head, he or she should stop.

Any of these conditions may increase your baby’s risk of being born with caput succedaneum. If so, you should document the incident and be prepared to discuss it with your doctor.

What Complications Can Arise From Caput Succedaneum?

Caput succedaneum may not be harmful to your child, but it can lead to more severe conditions. The most prevalent is jaundice (the yellowing of the skin). If your physician dismisses your child’s caput succedaneum and you later discover jaundice or an infection, you may need to seek additional medical care for your infant.

Despite the fact that both of these other conditions are highly treatable, you must take them seriously for the sake of your child’s health.

What To Do If Your Child Has Caput Succedaneum

The first step is to remain calm. Caput succedaneum is very common, and the vast majority of cases resolve themselves within a few days. With that being said, if your child’s case persists and leads to further complications, you may need to consider what your doctor could have done differently to prevent this unfortunate situation.

If your physician appears to have been negligent, you may need to consider legal action. The best way to pursue a medical malpractice claim is to take copious notes about what transpired and then immediately contact a qualified personal injury attorney.

Medical malpractice cases are notoriously difficult and require skill to successfully challenge a doctor’s actions. Although the vast majority of physicians do their best, they are human and make mistakes. If one of these errors caused you or your child harm, the responsible party should be held accountable.

Regardless of the type of medical condition you or your child are experiencing, a competent attorney will be able to determine whether legal action is warranted. If your attorney believes you have a case, he or she will do everything possible to obtain the compensation you are entitled to.

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