Catastrophic Injuries: Causes, Types, & Costs

When you are injured in an accident, there are countless possible outcomes for your health. Ideally, you will sustain only minor injuries, and you will recover rapidly. With some basic treatment and a small amount of time, you will feel like yourself again.

Certain Accidents Tend to Cause More Catastrophic Injuries Than Others

The human body is extraordinarily robust and resilient. However, its tolerance is limited. Therefore, catastrophic injuries can alter the course of a person’s life.

Even with good fortune, it may take years to recover from such an event. In severe cases, full recovery will be impossible.

Some accidents and circumstances are more likely than others to result in catastrophic, life-altering injuries. These include automobile accidents, occupational accidents, and falls.

When two or more cars collide on the roads in and around New York City, a great deal of force is generated. The mass of each vehicle can do serious damage to the human body, especially when travelling at high speeds.

People are frequently injured on the job, and sometimes these injuries are quite severe. This is especially true in New York City, where there are a large number of hazardous industrial and construction jobs.

When you hear the phrase “slip-and-fall,” you likely don’t envision catastrophic injuries; instead, you may envision relatively minor incidents, such as broken arms. But if this type of accident occurs in the wrong location, such as on a flight of stairs, the consequences can be significantly more severe.

Don’t worry if your case does not fall into one of the categories listed above; every catastrophic injury case is unique. Instead, you should consult with an attorney about your legal options.

Three of the Most Common Catastrophic Injuries in New York

In terms of your daily life, some body parts are more essential than others. In addition, some parts of the body heal more quickly than others, allowing you to recover and return to your normal routine more quickly.

When the body’s most vital organs are injured, the consequences can be catastrophic.

It goes without saying that the brain is a vital organ, and damage to this part of the body can have a permanent impact on your life.

If your injuries result in amputation, the road ahead will be long and difficult. In many cases, modern technology enables amputees to regain a substantial portion of their lifestyle, but only after extensive rehabilitation and physical therapy.

Your spinal cord is indispensable for proper body function. If your spinal cord is injured in an accident, you could suffer from partial or total paralysis.

Almost every part of your body is susceptible to catastrophic injury in some way. If the injury is severe enough, it can have lifelong consequences.

The Costs of a Catastrophic Injury After an Accident in NYC

Since catastrophic injuries can fundamentally alter the course of a person’s life, you may be curious about the cost of these severe injuries. Whether or not you will be able to resume some, the majority, or all of your daily activities depends largely on the nature of your injury. Also dependent on your age at the time of injury.

According to the Christopher Reeves Foundation, the lifetime cost of a spinal cord injury for a 25-year-old can range between $1,578,274 and $4,724,181 depending on severity.

In addition, research indicates that an amputation injury can cost an average of $509,275 over a lifetime. Approximately $91,000 of these costs are incurred in the first two years following amputation. The vast majority, $418,170, is incurred in subsequent years due to medical expenses.

Offsetting the Cost and Trauma of a Catastrophic Injury

Damages are the compensation you receive when another party is responsible for your injuries. In the aftermath of a catastrophic injury, it can be difficult to focus on financial matters. However, these types of injuries will have a significant impact on your finances, so you must act swiftly to protect yourself and your family.

You may be eligible for compensation from the party responsible for your injury. As a starting point, many victims can receive compensation to cover their medical costs. Even if you have insurance, you may have outstanding medical bills due to expensive medical treatments and rehabilitation visits.

Additionally, there is the issue of lost income to consider. When you are seriously injured, you will almost certainly miss work, and you may never be able to return. Damages for lost wages can assist you in recovering the money you lost due to inability to work.

Pain and suffering is another frequently overlooked element of damages. This is an event that you should not have had to endure, so it is only fair that you receive compensation.

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