Can I Sue After A Car Accident In New York City Even If I Don’t Get Hurt?

Have you been hurt in a car crash in New York City? You may have the right to file a personal injury claim for medical expenses and other losses. New York is a fault-free state. Therefore, you would file a claim with your own insurance company first, even if the accident was caused by someone else.

Suing for Property Damage After an NYC Car Accident

Even if you are not injured in a New York City automobile accident, you may still incur losses. Typically, these losses manifest as property damage. A car accident can damage your vehicle, even if it does not injure you.

Fortunately, you can take action in this situation. In New York, a negligent driver is responsible for compensating others for property damage they cause. Even if you were not injured, you can file a property damage claim against the insurer of the negligent driver who damaged your vehicle.

You should strongly contemplate hiring a lawyer. The submission of a claim does not guarantee compensation. Insurance companies will look for reasons to deny your claim payment. The at-fault driver’s insurer may argue that you have not provided sufficient proof that their insured caused the damage to your vehicle.

Obtaining evidence may necessitate an investigation. You probably lack the necessary time and resources to initiate such a process. An attorney for personal injuries in New York City will investigate your accident, collect evidence, and identify the parties liable for compensating you. Additionally, your attorney will negotiate a fair settlement on your behalf.

Suing for Non-Economic Damages After an NYC Car Accident

Insurance does not solely compensate for economic losses. Occasionally, an insurer may also provide compensation for non-economic damages.

These exist in numerous forms. Occasionally, they manifest as mental or emotional trauma. Even if you were not injured in a car accident, for instance, the experience could still leave you with significant anxiety.

Your anxiety may disrupt various aspects of your life. The following are possible examples:

  • After your accident, you’re having nightmares.
  • You’ve developed insomnia
  • You refrain from driving, which may hinder your ability to commute to work, participate in activities, and more.

It is possible to sue for compensation for these damages following a car accident in New York City. However, proving that you are entitled to this compensation can be difficult, especially if you suffered no physical injuries in the accident. This procedure may require coordination with medical personnel. In addition, you must demonstrate that your anxiety was caused by your accident.

Even if you are not injured, you may still be entitled to compensation. A lawyer can determine your causes of action and maximise your settlement award.

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